About Bear Posters

Hello. My name is Mark, and I’m a graphic designer. BearPosters.com is all about funny bears. Yep, bears. Ever since visiting Yellowstone National Park as a little boy, I’ve loved their majesty and playfulness. Now I’m all grown up and love seeing my 6 year old son laugh uncontrollably at my drawings. He critiques my work and gives me lots of ideas that have jelled into these bearious illustrations (that’s supposed to be punny).

At BearPosters.com, we hope our posters not only make people smile, but also help give back to our forest friends. So with each poster purchase, we’ll be donating to forest-friendly charities.

Can you ‘bearly’ contain your enthusiasm? Share your funny ideas and I could end up naming a collection in your honor

On behalf of BearPosters.com, thank you!


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